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Types of Services

Flat fee services

Flat fee services are engagements that are usually limited in scope – i.e. will, contract review, default divorce, and some civil proceedings, with the fee earned at the front of services. Ask if your legal matter would qualify for a flat fee.

Unbundled services

Unbundled services are limited scope services like legal advice, court coaching, legal writing and/or document prep to name a few. Unbundled services are a flat hourly rate. Learn more about unbundled services in our blog.


Litigation does not mean that you are necessarily fighting or going to trial. It may be that you are hiring a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. Court appearances and hearings are types of litigation more commonly used over trial.


Additional fees & services

In addition to court and legal fees, you must also keep in mind the additional costs of your legal matter like process service, private detectives, financial experts, and police reports. Quit claim deeds, notary services, child support calculations fall under additional services that is provided with or without additional fees related to your legal matter. Your engagement contract should outline which services have an additional fee.