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The process is complicated, even without the emotions that people go through when the marriage is over. The way that you finalize the divorce will have an effect on your life after marriage – if you do it wrong, it can damage your next relationship.   It’s easy to focus only on the final order, the divorce decree, but there is going to be an entire life afterwards – new relationships, maybe even a new family. The Potter Law Firm is always looking towards the long horizon, the life after the divorce.

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When there are children involved, the end of the marriage is not the end of this relationship – you will be co-parents for the rest of your lives. The relationship will change, but both parents will be required to cooperate, communicate, and deal with problems as a team.  It’s for this reason that we view a Divorce Trial as a last resort. Certainly when there are crimes involved, domestic violence, substance abuse, a trial can be necessary. However, the courts have seen that an agreement between former spouses, negotiated themselves, is more likely to be followed, and there will be less conflict after the marriage ends. This is accomplished most often by mediation – where an experienced neutral person helps both sides work through the details, and get to a plan for dividing property and responsibility in a way that balances their needs with the best interests of the children.

As a certified mediator (Texas certification, CPRC §154.052), Trail is very comfortable working with the mediation process as a legal counselor, or as the neutral party when he is not representing either side. Finding a middle ground can help get both sides through the difficult emotional issues, and reach a conclusion much faster than a traditional Divorce trial. Without a clear Winner and Loser, there is less resentment after the divorce and a better path forward – not only for the children, but for the former spouses, and their future with new relationships.

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Parenting time, Legal Decision-making and Child Support make up the term known as Custody. Courts favor equal parenting time for Mother and Father. This is considered in the best interest of the children. There are a variety of factors in plotting parenting time and child support so talking with Potter Law Firm will help keep the pressure from negatively affecting your work, our relationships, and your family.


As kids grow and families change, modifications to parenting time, legal decision-making and child support are needed. Even when parties agree to these changes the Court needs documentation. To minimize confusion and contention, it is always best to have help from an attorney to make modifications to Orders.

Potter Law Firm has helped in many modifications – from establishing to fine-tuning parenting plans.