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Better Options for Divorce

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Family Structures are Complex, and require Flexible Conflict Solutions

Often, a divorcing couple is only aware of one way to end the marriage: going to Trial. Faced with the time and expense of Litigation, many couples will choose to take the matter into their own hands, downloading the forms found online, or using the services of a Document Preparer. However, there are other options that provide more legal guidance while still controlling costs and letting parties control the un-coupling process.


Divorcing couples can select a mediator to assist with negotiating a settlement. A good mediator is trained to focus the negotiations on the divorcing couple’s core interests, while keep the expectations realistic. However, the Mediator is neutral, and does not provide legal advice to one party against the other.

Courts will often order Mediation – but you can choose to Mediate without court involvement, and Lost peopleselect the Mediator who is right for you. Arizona does NOT license Mediators, so inquire about your Mediators experience and training.  A good divorce Mediator will be knowledgeable in Family Law and Interest Based Negotiation.

Collaborative Law Practice

The newest innovation in Divorce Law is the Collaborative approach, where both spouses are represented by their own attorney, but all sides commit to a cooperative process, resulting in a custom divorce agreement that suits their needs. The process is confidential, faster, and costs are kept down by reducing litigation expenses.